I was alone when you left

Unable even to stand at your grave bereft

For you’d had the temerity to go to Eden

So I looked to the rest

With my search for a father simply taking me further and farther into the abyss

Was life really meant to be like this ?
Met girls in my lust to be loved

Hoping dearly to be held with tender gloves

Seeing what I thought to be doves

And starting the string of failed loves.
Circling the sky were crows

Following closely as I crowed,

on and on about my stories

Living in the past as  life was sad

But honestly I missed my dad.
My life’s been filled with missteps

I wont say bad

but in my desire to run before I could walk I’ve certainly skipped steps

Driven by the imagination that illuminates my existence

Thoughts dragged my mind to joining you at heavens gate

despite the reticence.
Living felt like no choice

Saved by those that held on to me so close

It was life that the brightness in me chose

So filled with energy I awoke

Raised by the prevailing winds

Blowing the smoke from the fires.
The day we meet when my day to day is retired

I hope I’m not mired

In my earth days

Hopefully won’t be said the bible says

Pain from the heart

I’ve become the work of art.
I think that’s down to you

I’m part of a chosen few

Filled with talents

Searching for acceptance

Ending up the penitent


My hopes for the future are not faint

My words are my paint

Internet my canvas

As I search for response.
Attention to my friends

from all the world’s ends,

I know I am not alone

but maybe if you’d like to

pick up the phone and dial.

Because sometimes I feel not worth the while

and like that forgotten file in the cellar

I feel in need of the pellar.
Absolve me of sin Father

and lead me to a place to begin.

Who is my father?

By faith one I don’t see.

In life anyone it could be.

Filled with love but no modesty

I’m king of my mind

hoping to find more of my kind.
Keeping faith strong

Fueled by words of song

Overcoming the wraiths

No space for the demons

Because when life gives you melons ?

You don’t ask for aid.


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