It was I and my love.

We once fit together like a glove

but day by day we drifted,

perhaps by guidance from above 

our spirits once lifted,

came down like the doves.
Emotions wilted and withered like the leaves,

my heart had dreaded the day she’d leave.

Emotions sieved as we grieved

the falling of the tree on which we’d breathed.

I do not mean to sound bereaved 

but I had to her,my thoughts bequeathed.
The thoughts of doubt that I had planted,

with my actions more I think she’d wanted.

More time I think I should have granted.

In my absence she had crafted, 

her own plan so I grafted.
Tried hard,very hard to join in,

but in my life filled of sin

had no where to begin.

I had few thoughts but to reach for the gin,

had no fight left and my heart in the bin.
I had few people to trust,

even then those relationships were prone to rust

it was pick me or else we burst,

as I insisted there was beauty underneath the dust.
My bubble popped,

fake or true love stopped.

All I knew was rocked.

My emotional larder was hardly stocked

years of ups and downs had had a cost.
Smiles and frowns,

cups and crowns,

crests and troughs,

it was rough 

on our hearts we lost the fight

and there was a gap now to my right.
She’d up and up and left

me standing alone bereft

of my soul,I was depressed

but I hoped I wouldn’t be that stressed.
Again was not all the same,

felt alone in all but name.

Had tried hard,hard to atone

could only do so much on the phone,

walked so far to her home,

in her heart I would belong.
I wrote a poem and not a song

because she’s special and I’m not as strong

as some say to sing along,

as others play and string along,

lost in time I’m not alone,

with due course she’ll have a throne.


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