This is the story of a little boy.

The type of little boy 

that when he saw a toy picked it.


I meant to say he nicked it!

All because he loved his little sister 

and she wanted to have a picnic.

Sadly he couldn’t.

Wasn’t there and missed it.
Barely able to escape by a hair he got hit.

by the type of drunk fella

that drove a truck,

he didn’t have a care,

so the little boy was out of luck. 

The world wasn’t fair 

and the once twins 

were now one from a pair.
Sat bespoke on a stair

was a girl in a state of despair,

in a world beyond repair 

her brother’d gone to the beyond,

spirit lost to the air.

So she took a stone

Tried to hit her temple 

But thanks to all 

She really wasn’t able.
So she cried,

Sat alone because no body who tried 

could help her.

All the other mourners had left her.

As though she was a leper 

they’d dread her presence.

All this because he’d tried to give her a present

But now he wasn’t present. 
They’d lost their parents at five 

Born by two but none was still alive

they didn’t understand what had happened

but misery had befallen 

and her memory of all that was hazy

all people said to her was her dad was crazy.


‘Her brother though,

remembered the time at the docks where they stayed

because it was around the time they’d often prayed

and he’d had gander at the clock as their father took the glock. 

So as the small arm moved to ten 

he had heard two loud pops,


and gasps from shock. 

Just like that they’d lost moms and pops. 

There’d be no other birthdays,

With candy filled socks.

No fights between mom and dad,

Over round shiny rocks.

For while they’d often been mad

they’d been in the eyes of the children at least,”glad”.

But their father’d been selfish and now both parents were lost 

Taken taken the daft route 

and left the children to pay the cost.’

Another person came and sat.

‘The lady from child support 

had never worn a hat.’ 

She told stories of candles and families 

and lovely parks and lilies.

‘Oh how she loved lilies 

Her parents’d named her Ann 

but due to her size it would be said as little Ann

morphing into lil as people spoke and later Lilian.’

So though in pain 

and afraid of the rain 

‘It was a rainy day when she lost her mom to the gallows.’

She’d listened as the lady talked her mind from the shadows

then took her hand and brought some light to her day

the lady’s words had helped her

not forget and make all okay but to overcome the rage

and start to turn the page

in the book of her life to a new chapter.
I’d like to say Ann lived happy ever after.

But for the next few years she was in and out of depression

often eyes gazed in no particular direction.

thoughts all about why no one could have saved them before

as their lives had been torn apart.

In all this she grew and drew works or art

of beautiful angels 

and ladies that were able anyone happy.

‘An example of which was her new mommy’

And wondered aloud 

If the lady had come earlier could she

maybe,just maybe have her brother?


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