What can we do in 24 hours?


Grow six feet climb up towers?

Dig six feet and draw up powers?


But before you go here’s what you’re waiting for.
We could;

Journey to the depths,

explore our souls.

Make new friends,

pretend we wont grow old.

Cheer the weekend,

help the frail catch the life train, and grab the rails

leave the earthly pains trailed in the blissful ignorance of faith.


Eyes gazed firmly forwards.

Turn back only to admire the beauty of our failed endeavors,

Pray to the lord for some new favors,

Ice-cream?Only if there’s some new flavors.
Yet here again I debate,

between the same things I have since I was eight.

What is the best flavor of ice-cream I ever ate?

So why do I scream at night and wake up filled with hate?


I try to let go but my heart won’t,

day to day its slow,

I wonder what I’m here for

I’m lost at the floor of heaven,

My thoughts at the door

It’s only 24 hours

Should we even bother?

What can we do when the life is ours?


I guess try to be loved and to love another.


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