From brothers and sisters sadly lost,

Such a difference we wish could make a single post
Loved ones left with the pain of the deceased,
It’s time the pain ceased or halted
and went with the hate and left us only to fight disease.

On to men elevated to giants and monster slayers,
Denigrated to the point of despair
On our entertainers how is this fair?
Playing to express love for music,sports and the arts
Few of whom are even wonderful players
But trying their best they all are,
All bringing joy,even the damned ones.

Some from the Spurs
All of them United
Coming from lands afar
In inspiration regardless of nation
Sometimes appreciated but often hated
Sadly mostly during sadness exalted.

We say a prayer for the recently departed
With love sent to those that remain
For in the pain they are not alone
You are not alone!

We have snipers at the tower
and nets ready to rattle
Not forgetting defenders ready to battle
For at this moment we are all Newcastle
We are United
We are Manchester
We are but a City
We are London
We are Syria
We are Lebanon
We are the Sudan
We’ve barely begun
To shine as we will
Like the sun.
Forget the hate and anger
We are the world.


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