He took to her like water to the storm
loved to joke,all in good form
but next he knew his heart was torn
a true lack of muscle
right down to the bone.
And like a thorn
his heart she’d splintered.

All was dark,
a truly bleak winter.

He wished he was never born,
and the sounds were not any more a song.

As filled with hate, he was bitter
hearing voices,
telling him to give up!
He had nothing to live for
and out of guilt,
he thought of nothing but to quit.
He felt he’d run out of choices
so choose to die?

Well,he did.

she thought he was great
but after a while
it turned to hate.
As while at first he helped her think
with time,
the drink.

The love?
Down the sink
and the man she knew was turned to a shell.
Gone was the man she once knew well.

And it was then as she tried to cope,
held to him by a rope.
that she realized she didn’t know.

Even though it was plain
to the open eye,
that emotions were why she cried.

All this while what she once held dear
had turned into a chilling fear
dragging them both into the pits of despair
for the relationship was beyond repair.
At this point the world,
could have hardly been any less fair.

He had been her only devotion,
he had been all she knew,
her true love potion.
And like a meal gone bad
it was the molds that grew.
And with it the deal they’d made at marriage,
had become the deathly carriage.

So she left.
bereft of energy
but mustering all that she could manage
in a vain attempt to end the ordeal
the carnage.

He thought she’d never been real
hadn’t seen that she was sad
and asked,
why she was mad,
could things really have been that bad?
In truth she was glad
the worst had passed
and peace arrived,
at last.

Or so she thought
but then he fought
as hard and best he could,
tried to get better.
Win her back;maybe?
In his mind it was her,his lady.

But in all this
one day he was bitter
and in a rage
he hit her.
Thus tore the tip of her lip
and all parts of her sane?
Choosing to leave with the winter.

She grabbed a knife
and one lost soul was now two.


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